Tax Amnesty Program

The tax amnesty program has been able to process more than 41,000 settlements and applications which are believed will deliver about $142 million for the LDR.

The expected increase in amnesty funds is good news especially to the state budget as the stakeholders work tirelessly to come with a good plan which will eliminate the shortfalls due to oil prices which are declining. Of the $169 million which will be collected about $57 million relates to delinquent tax that involves small businesses and individuals. On the other hand, $112 million relates to resolutions of litigation and audit cases involving businesses.

What Amnesty Program Offers

In the Year 2014

In the year 2014, the Amnesty program offers an opportunity to all eligible taxpayers to update their accounts by paying all taxes which are due. This was due to a 50% interest and waiver of all penalties.

As a taxpayer, you can apply for tax amnesty by logging onto http://ldrtaxamnesty.com/ and will complete your application with a few minutes. According to the records of LDR, all non-compliant tax accounts amounts to 450000 in Louisiana, with a total amount of $1.8 billion.

All the taxpayers who are not compliant have limited time in filing their taxes with amnesty. After the amnesty period is over, no new amnesty program will be initiated by the revenue department.

Some of the taxes which are included in the amnesty program are:

This program will apply to all taxes which are administered by the department expect motor fuel taxes and penalties which accrue when a client fails to submit reports which are not based on underpayment of tax.

The taxpayer will be eligible for the amnesty program under the following situations

  • When a lien is given on the property of the taxpayer.
  • When the taxpayer receives a for failing to remit the amount of money owed or failing to file taxes at the required time.
  • When he/she is involved in litigation.
  • When he /she is involved in a field audit.
  • When he/she has filed for protection against bankruptcy.
  • The liability of the taxpayer involves penalty only, interest-only or penalty and interest.
  • When LDR amnesty has started proceedings under distraint procedures and assessment.

Some of the people who are not responsible for the fresh start program are:

All the taxpayers who disclose any fraudulent or false statements, return, document in the department. Although they will be eligible for the amnesty application, they will be subjected to fraud penalties.

All taxpayers who are members of any criminal litigation or criminal investigation at any court is the Louisiana state